Work and Play Go Together in Montessori

Montessori school helps grow your toddler with confidence and develops high self-esteem. The Montessori education impacts positively on your child's intelligence level, making him/her smarter. His IQ level is further raised, slowly and gradually. The educational materials are carefully selected according to age-groups in Montessori system of education.

Parents must be very careful while selecting the toys, play things, kinds of books and other kid's materials. They must learn at what age should computer knowledge be introduced to kids and should they be allowed to watch TV, and at what age and for how long? What kinds of programs to be introduced or using games software will be appropriate or not!

As we live in a society that is market oriented and far more concerned about profits and financial outcomes than the well-being of its members and the quality of life in this competitive world, the pressure on parents increase in the matter of right selection of educational gadgets for their kids. There are many companies selling kid's educational toys of best quality to surpass their competitors in this field.

The manufacturers produce useful learn-while-play things to meet the growing demands of Montessori schools. All companies use marketing techniques and aims at improving sales. Companies invest huge amounts of money in campaigns that sometimes, de-motivate consumer self-esteem. They impose such standards in order to make sure their products sell. The parents are often confused over which products to buy to help the child develop his positive personality.

However, Montessori Method provides us the best opportunity to invest for the child's bright future. Children become capable to learn by themselves. This is based on expert's opinion after close observation and research study of countless children in countless schools world-wide. Children in different societies, speaking different languages belonging to different cultural backgrounds have been studied and observations have been recorded.

The kid's are introduced to computer application, through various games, at an early age. They quickly learn to distinguish between big and small, learn colors, shapes and sizes, playing computer software games and building blocks. Personal computers, laptops, or refurbished computers may be used to teach them basic knowledge to build a firm foundation for their future.

Finally, Montessori recognizes and respects a child's need for privacy, independence and provides them space for self-learning that begins with activities freely chosen by the child


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