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There are thousands of computer related websites that offer free computer tips, tricks, help and support. There is endless information available about how to use computers, computer problem solving, and computer tips and tricks to tweak your machine. But the big question is, can you understand what they are trying to explain?
Obviously there are a number of outstanding computer help websites that have made it to the top of the rankings because they are great. However hundreds of slap dash computer tip websites appear every week. These websites are the culprit.
I have been working with computers for more than 20 years, and even I find it almost impossible to follow instructions from certain websites. Obviously if I can't understand their tutorials, then they have a serious problem. Unfortunately sometimes they do not test their instructions to see if they actually work, or they sometimes leave one important step out. Leaving just one step out of a tutorial can render the entire process a waste of time and can also turn to disaster for a novice computer user.
This is why I have developed my website about Pc Tips with every user in mind. For example if I had an article on "How to create a task in the Windows Task Scheduler" I would have to tell the reader how to find the Task Scheduler first. I would not simply presume that they know how to get there.
Also some people may laugh when they see tutorials on the absolute computer basics such as turning a computer on and off,using a computer mouse, moving a file, and so on. In this day and age it is a mistake to presume that everyone knows how to do these simple tasks, because believe me, they do not.
Free computer tips and tricks can educate you and help you become an expert computer user, however you just need to understand the tutorials. If you are a new computer user you do not need the stress of trying to understand something that is not written with you in mind.


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