Tricks to optimize Windows Vista

This is a Basic guide to optimize your windows vista,the first advice to optimize our system is to deactivate the option of Remote differential compression; this Windows Vista’s unique feature is used to constantly verify other PC’s files. Windows is in charge of verifying them so when one of them is modified, it only has to changed the modified part, to deactivate this option you have to go to the Control panel, then to programs and characteristics; afterwards, click in the “Activate or deactivate Windows’ characteristics” option; then another window will appear, in which you will have to deactivate the “Remote Differential Compression”.

The second recommendation would be to deactivate the option of the Windows Vista Index Server, this option helps you finding available documents inside a search, which is why the system is constantly going through them; this option uses our PC’s resources, decreasing its performance. In order to deactivate this option, you have to go into the Start menu, right – click on the C unit, afterwards, on the general gap, you deactivate the option that says “Allow the Index Server to index the hard drive to speed up searches”, finally, inside the dialogue window that will appear, click on the option that says “include sub – files and files”

Another recommendation is to deactivate the Windows defender option, this application provides protection against malware and malicious codes, but if we have a good anti – virus software, this protection becomes obsolete, so it would be better if we simply deactivate it so it does not occupy system resources. To deactivate it, we have to go to the Control panel, then select the Windows defender option; afterwards, in the tools bar located in the upper bar, we select options and finally, we remove the check from the automatic start when Windows starts option.

Also, deactivating the option of automatic defragmentation of the hard drive could be really useful. This is a very important application for our hard drive, but it is better if we manage it manually by ourselves, because it can activate when we are working or when we need our system to work faster than usual. To deactivate it we have to go into the Start menu, then right click on the C unit and in the tools gap, deactivate the “programming” option.

Finally, there are certain characteristics that Windows have that are better to have deactivated, because they are not necessary for a personal PC for home, but they do use an important percentage of our resources, to deactivate them we have to go into the Control panel gap, then to programs, afterwards we select the characteristics option and, once we are in there, we deactivate the options of: optional components for TablePC, Windows DFS replication service, Windows Fax, Windows Meeting Space.

Deactivating these options, that are not so necessary, will make that the resources of your system become optimized for your applications.


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