Dual Monitors

Every time I do a hardware upgrade to my Computer, I feel mildly disappointed. I upgrade my memory and/or processor and my computer does go faster but never anything that blows your socks off.

Recently though, I made an upgrade to my system that truly did impress me. I purchased a set of dual monitors. I purchased two seventeen inch middle of the road flat screen monitors. You have to have a video card that has a second output on it and both outputs should be DVI. DVI stand for Digital Video Interface and basically means the types of cables, ports and connectors used to connect high quality video cards to monitors.

Don't let dual monitors scare you. It's very easy to set up. Just plug both monitors into the video card. Don't worry about what monitor is plugged into what connector. You can always switch the left monitor with the right monitor on your desk. Some video card drivers will also allow you to choose what monitor is left or right, top or bottom. Once the monitors are attached turn on your computer. Both monitors may or may not show an image. Once your computer is on right click your desktop and go to properties. Now you are in video properties. Find the tab that shows dual monitors and enable your second monitor. You can not adjust the resolution (screen size) on each monitor. That's it you now have a screen double the size.

Once you have set it up and configured it properly you should try and get a program to give you a few more options while using your dual monitors. I used a program called UltraMon which allows me to maximize my dual monitor functionality.

Once things are working properly you can have a task bar on both monitors. You can have different windows open on each monitor and with one click you can switch the window back and forth. This is really great for cutting and pasting from one page to the other. If you are a webpage or graphic designer it makes your life a lot easier and your time spent more efficient
I found once I started using my new Dual Monitors, I couldn't go back to using a single one.
I hope you end up enjoying your Dual Monitors as much as I have.


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