Autonomy iManage: Remove Complication of Document Management System

There was a time when businesses, from hard paper documentation advanced to electronic documentation like Word Docs, pdfDocs etc. It is of great help in terms of accessibility, maintenance, book keeping etc.

However, ask yourself, are these documents being managed appropriately when it comes to information security, hierarchical accessibility, security from data loss, effective document management, etc. There is a
great need for an Effective Document Management System in all organizations to manage their documents.

Document management revolutionizes the management of information and provides the ability to rapidly find, retrieve and share all the documents in your repository. This section will provide you with more information on what digital document management is and how it works, essential components of an enterprise-level digital document management system and the technical issues you must consider.

A quality document management solution should:
• Have built-in viewers and search capabilities, so documents can be viewed and searched on any PC, regardless of whether document management software is installed.
• Present a consistent face to customers and the public with a customizable interface that matches your Website.
• Balance access and security, assisting you in retaining strict control over which documents are available to staff and the general public.
• Work with documents on a wide variety of Internet browsers, operating systems and hardware.

The challenge is to make the Document Management Solution user friendly for all the users to effectively follow the same.

Because, our Document Management System Autonomy iManage and PDF-Docs is one of the best systems that integrates into an Office Suite or Email client interface, it also puts the user at ease to capture, retrieve, store and search the documents.

At Autonomy iManage we spent years into developing a Document Management Solution that helps businesses to overcome the day to day challenges mentioned below. iManage is an effective solution that lets you manage any document within your organization and share it or don't share it with users or group of users.


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