Windows 7 may be higher prices in Europe

Windows 7 will get a higher price in Europe than it receives in the United States. It now says Microsoft and the reason is the ruling by the European Court of Justice that constrain it to Europe-friendly Windows 7.
Windows 7 will be launched in Sweden on October 31 , and there are many who look forward to the critically acclaimed operating system. There seems to be less expensive than Windows Vista did when it launched, but now claims to Microsoft be forced to raise the price - for us in Europe.
The reason is that the European Court of Justice condemned Microsoft for infringement of
competition when the former chose to include the Internet Explorer into the operating system. Then there were many other developers of Web browsers that struck rear. By embedding Internet Explorer in Windows Microsoft made it difficult for third party developers to get users over to their browsers.
Now, Microsoft will make a special European version of Windows 7 . During the installation process of the operating system, users will be able to choose to install Internet Explorer, Firefox or another browser.
The price increase, however, only those who buy Windows 7 over the counter. The increase is as Metro of approximately 200-800 SEK depending on the version of Windows 7, you choose to acquire. There are six different versions of the OS.
However, if you are upgrading from an earlier Windows, which Microsoft believes that most will do so not affected the price. Then it remains at the previous price levels.
MSI U150 will be based on Intel's new Atom processor Pine Trail . The processor does not seem to be a lot snabbareän predecessor, but the great strength lies in that it draws less power.
The screen is touch sensitive and to be able to take advantage of this fully computer comes with Windows 7 . Microsoft's new operating system had indeed a great built-in support for touch-screens, which can not be said about Windows XP - which would otherwise have been the natural choice for manufacturers of minicomputers.


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