Clean up your hard drive for free with Wise Disk Cleaner

You have no idea how much junk files that it maintains a well-used hard drive! If you, like the editors, often download and test software and another, slowly filling the hard drives of unneeded files. With Wise Disk Cleaner is your bot on it!

Wise Disk Cleaner 4 is available in two versions, and it is the free version that we use in this guide. If you want more features, there is a Pro version that costs $ 19.95. To download the free version, go to WiseCleaners homepage , scroll down until you reach the title Wise Disk Cleaner. Here you will find two columns, one of which contains a download link to the Free
version. It is easy to click wrong and download a demo of the Professional, so check carefully.
The program has many clever features, but in this article we focus on the basic clean up your hard disk so the computer can be faster. Wise Disk Cleaner 4, according to the website to have a Swedish translation, but this was not available in the program when I ran it. Version 4 is new so they may have fixed it. After installation, you are met by the following screen:
From the dropdown menu scan location , select the hard drive you want to scan for junk files on. The top option allows you to scan through all your disks, but I chose one of the others. The list on the left are all types of junk files represented. Here you can start from the default settings.
Mainly these are temporary files - those files that Windows and software saves the user to store data temporarily. I forget most of the programs to remove its temporary files, and leave them.
Start the scan by clicking the Start button, it looks like a Play button and see the far left of the icon list.
Depending on the size hard drive you have, it takes different amounts of time to do a scan. In my case it took about five minutes. Next, a list of found files. 6660 files found during the test, to a combined data set of just over 1.3 GB. So much debris was on this drive!
To delete the files , click the big red cross in the icon menu. If you click the small arrow to the right of the crosses so you will choose to move junk files to the Trash or delete them permanently. If you are unsure, choose the trash.
Now just waiting for the files to be erased. Then, you will get back an amount of space on your hard drive, ready to be filled with ... well, probably the new junk.


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