Four Reasons to Rent a Color Printer

Color printers are now a fixture in all business environments. Even small businesses use them quite extensively. Businesses generally prefer to buy printers as their prices have fallen drastically in the past few years. There are however scenarios where renting color printers makes more sense. A color printer rental can save you time and meet your printing needs with efficacy in the following situations.
Temporary needs
There are several scenarios where you may experience a temporary need for a printer. For instance, a small business may need a color printer when it is preparing its taxes. You may require a printer only certain times during the business year, when you have temporary projects or short-term employees on board. Or your business could be hosting a seminar and you may need a printer to make a large number of copies. A color printer rental can be the ideal solution for such short-term needs. You can rent a printer for a couple of weeks or months depending on the time frame for which you require it.

A printer rental is a particularly attractive option when your business events are held at venues outside your office. A rental means you don't have the hassles of shipping it to and from the event location and storing it at a safe location after the event.
Improve productivity
Several businesses experience seasonal variations – busy periods interspersed with slow, off-season ones. Additional temporary staff and other resources may be required during the peak periods. You could benefit from a color printer rental as an economical alternative that can help increase productivity during the peak season. A printer rental means you don't face a large expense on a printer purchase. You can hire a printer whenever you need it during the busy times and concentrate on completing the work. Once the pace and volume of work slows down, the printer can be returned and you don't have a printer lying around the office gathering dust for weeks together.
Business travel
The regular business traveler can face the challenge of finding printing facilities on his sojourns. While a laptop can be carried on your travels, a printer cannot be lugged anywhere. However, you find you need one to take
some fresh printouts after incorporating some changes in the documents before a business meeting or seminar. Every large city across the country has several printer rental companies who will cater to the needs of the business traveler. So you can rest assured your printing needs will be met without undue delay if you choose to rent a printer.
Commercial printing

Commercial printing can work out to be quite expensive. The problem with this type of printing is that the investment is worth it only if a large number of prints are taken in a single print run. The majority of companies cannot function this way. Renting a color printer can be much more economical compared to a commercial printer when you require one for a large variety of short print runs. With a rental, you will be able to perform small print runs and still achieve fair page rates.

These benefits clearly demonstrate that a color printer rental is the way to go, to meet your printing needs effectively and keep costs low at the same time.


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