Which Thermal Label Printers Does your Business - Home Need

Thermal printers are an absolute must for businesses especially those that ship a large amount of packages. Shipping and parcel companies over charge customers for printing labels. Companies can improve productivity, reduce errors and save on time and money by keeping a thermal label printing machine handy and ready to use anytime. Thermal label machines print massive amount of labels for different applications such as postal labels, bar codes and inventory control.
When selecting thermal label printers opt for a thermal printer that suits your business/ home needs. Look at the features they offer and compare their prices. Keep in mind that laser printers or inkjet printers cannot be used for label printing without installing barcode printing software on your computer.
Basically there are two types of thermal label printers direct thermal label printers and transfer thermal label printers. Direct thermal label printers are most commonly used in the food industry since their labels are not
exposed to direct sunlight or heat. These types of printers use heat activated thermal papers and films. However, users can only print black labels. Transfer thermal label printers use carbon ribbons, and the printing is crisp and durable.
There are many benefits of using these printers since users are not restricted to black labels and can easily print coloured labels by using different coloured ribbons. Additional benefits are that they are used for a number of applications and are ideal for printing high density labels on paper and film. However, their drawback is that they use carbon ribbon and are more expensive than direct thermal printers.
Newer printers have dual features of both direct thermal and transfer thermal printers which are perfect for businesses as they provide the best label printing functions. Casio label makers are perfect for creating labels with great looking designs for your business. There are many bar coding, label & machine suppliers across the UK that are listed on SearchMe4, the UK's leading online business directory.


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