How to get cheap Compatible Xerox 108R00749 (7 pack) Black Solid Ink Sticks for the Phaser 8860 and 8860MFP

One of the most common questions about buying Compatible Xerox 108R00749 (7 pack) is "Which one is best  compatible ink cartridges or original ones?"
Well below is a guide to understanding the main differences and how your needs may effect on whether you should be looking at original Xerox 108R00749 (7 pack) or compatible Xerox 108R00749 (7 pack) ink.
How much printing do you do?
Compatibles are very cheaper than originals one  all factors  so you will see price saving  and
by quite high margin. You need to check that you are going to get good quality compatible ink cartridges.
As long as you are printing at least once a week then compatibles  will serve you well without problem.
What will you be printing?
If the majority of your printing is going be text then compatibles should be your cartridge of choice. Compatibles have no problem recreating text unless of the very highest quality and resolution.
The manufacturers of branded and original printer cartridges would not have it, but sometimes it pays to buy compatible cartridges more than branded ones. That is because compatible ink cartridges have a number of advantages that original cartridges do not have.
Why is it priced so high for compatible xerox 108r00749? 
It is a planned strategy of printer manufacturing companies. Think about this. How many times do you purchase a compatible xerox 108r00749 ? You probably do so once in three to five years . The answer of course is innumerable times depending on the usage and requirement. This is where the company takes advantage.
A quick note on environmental issues
Third part compatible ink is produced in bulk and cheaply to save you money. They are designed for one use and not generally recycled. The factories they are made in will not follow the sane guidelines as the international businesses like the big printer brands, many of whom have strict environmental policies. Original phaser 8860 and 8860mfp printer ink  cartridges can be refilled and resold professionally at the factory and so offer much better green credentials.


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