Tussle-free Tech Service for Fixing Printer Spooler Error

I am Della. I am working as an office secretary in a law firm. In this firm, except for computers, printer was the most used peripheral device. We handle hundreds of cases every month. For every case, we need to prepare a set of documents and keep hard copies of these documents in separate files. Most of the work was done on papers. We had an outdated dot matrix printer in our office. It makes a loud noise and is very slow. I requested my boss to take a new printer. I suggested him an inkjet printer as it was multi-functional and affordable one. He understood the requirement and instructed me to order an All-in-One printer. I ordered the printer which was delivered in
3 working days.
I connected the printer to the PC. While I was installing the printer, a printer spooler error message occurred. I had no idea about this error. I turned off the system and disconnected the printer. Then, I followed the instructions in the manual for connecting the printer. But again I received the same message. So, I thought of contacting a tech support company. I searched for tech support companies on the Internet. A list of links of different tech support companies appeared on the screen. I scroll through them and find the link that displayed a message: tech support for different products of different brands. I clicked on the link for further details.
I called the toll free number of this company and was connected to the technician in few minutes. He diagnosed the issue and provided me various details. He said that the problem can lead to lock-ups, disk space errors, non-printing of documents in queue, high CPU usage, etc. I was impressed by the expertise of this technician. Then he offered me various options to pay for the service. I asked him to hold and discussed the same with my boss. He ordered me to pay for yearly service. I thanked the technician for his patience and made him the payment for annual service plan. He then resolved the issue by various steps like removing dot matrix printer, editing registry, deleting spool printer and driver files of dot matrix printer, configuring new printer, etc. I was really dazzled by the support and got the annual service plan for my home PC and peripherals as well.


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