The Features of the Lexmark X792de

Lexmark may not be on the top-tier of the printer industry but it continues to be on the initiative of creating many options for businesses to utilise without spending too much. The company already has plenty of multifunction printers that help businesses with their copying, printing, scanning, and faxing needs and now they are reaching out to the larger businesses that require more tasks to be done. Getting lots of different computer hardware such as colour printers and duplex-supported printers requires some spending and a lot of setting up to do when finally purchased. The Lexmark X792de is a new 2011 model that provides the colour performance right out of the box and even hopes to be a lot easier to use than its previous models

Main Features

The main feature of the Lexmark X792de that really stands out is the touchscreen display. Touchscreen displays are not really a new thing but they have proven to aid the first-time users and also minimising the need for computer interaction. The X792de takes this a bit further by not only rendering full colour but having the display span 10.2 inches diagonally. Just to visualise things, the screen is basically larger than an average tablet computer so there is plenty of room for navigation. There are large colourful icons on the screen that lead to common operations and workflow solutions. Previewing any documents for printing or scanning looks a lot clearer too. This feature is enough for the Lexmark X792de to stand on its own. There is even a USB port on the front so you can copy documents and other common image file formats to a flash drive so you can insert it in the port and let the screen guide your way.

The printer uses colour laser technology so it can handle all types of documents and images. Expect about 50 pages per minute for black or colour. Long print operations can be made and then interrupted midway so you can do something sudden such as photocopying an image or document. The Duplex automatic document feeder also makes quick work when printing both sides of the page is needed. The Lexmark X792de uses the Extra High Yield Print cartridge which should be enough to print about 20,000 pages.

The scanner works like any regular scanner found in a multifunction printer, but the X792de makes scanning a bit more convenient by allowing multiple output destinations. For instance, you can save the scan to a file while having it emailed to one person and uploaded to an FTP server all at the same time.

Extra Features

These extra features that are present in the Lexmark X792de are not normally found in other multifunction printers like the security features present including an ID card reader for authentication. It also makes sure users are notified quickly when problems arise through the use of blinking light indicators. These light indicators are scattered in different areas of the printer. This way, whenever a problem arises, you can pinpoint the exact location of the problem since its corresponding light will be blinking.
The Lexmark X792de is part of a huge family of new multifunction printers and this particular model is the smallest of the pack by having no extra drawers. This makes it a great addition to a small business room where a lot needs to be done on a daily basis.


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