What Are the Features of a Wide Format Printer?

A single photo printer can serve you well if you picked a really good model that focuses on certain quality such as image quality or printing speeds. Photo printers accept various types of media such as the small standard photograph paper or the large A3 paper. You can even go beyond that and start printing banners and other media that will be used indoors or outdoors. Some of the largest media can be printed if the printer prints the output in sections where you would then need to assemble them together using your crafting skills. This can take time and you wouldn't want to be doing this very often. A wide format printer will make things a bit easier. These types of printers are easy to identify since they are far larger and much wider to allow bigger paper sizes to be accepted. Other than this obvious feature, wide format printers have a few features as well that separate this type from other devices that rely on traditional printing such as silk screen and offset

Direct Printing

Since wide format printers are basically widened versions of standard photo printers, wide format printers get the same "ease of use" features. Normally, printing large media requires a lot of steps and some manpower just to ensure the proper input. With a wide format printer, the entire configuration is done on the computer. Once you have finalised the design complete with its measurements, all you need to do is load the media and set the page setup so everything matches. Printing will commence from there. Direct printing also significantly reduces the operating costs involved when getting the tasks done.

Dedicated Software

Wide format printers takes the usability experience even further by giving users the necessary tools to turn their creative ideas into real outputs. Just about all standard printers come with software that often emphasises the possibilities of the printer. These programs vary depending on the brand but the software is a bit more advanced but usually introduces quick options when certain large media needs printing.

Retained Colour Quality and Accuracy

While there are several traditional printing presses that still exist today, the print quality is inferior compared to print quality that a wide print format printer can yield. Once again this depends on the model but overall, colours are more vivid, details are more precise, and lines are much sharper.

Support for Various Media

This is probably the most significant feature of a wide format printer which is its enhanced support for additional media. The exact media supported can vary from printer to printer so it always helps to know your needs and read the fine print so you can prepare. Just about every wide format printer is capable of printing out large event displays and other outdoor promotional materials such as banners or presentations. Some use these printers to make the whole presentation for everyone to see. Other printers may support printing on non-traditional media like metal, wood, and ceramic tiles.

Think of wide format printers as computer hardware that can greatly expand your creativity and possibilities. These printers do not come cheap but depending on your business, the printer can one day make you money from the work you do.


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