CD DVD Servers in a PC Thin Environment

PC Thin environments are economical and afford a great deal of control over client machines. One of the drawbacks of a thin client setup, however, is the fact that the machines still sometimes need to be able to access information off of an optical drive. One of the options in these situations is to get a CD server: a device that provides access to a CD for multiple machines on the same network.
A CD DVD storage server is a device that exists only to distribute information that's held on a CD. These towers allow all of the different thin clients on a particular network to access the information contained on the CD server at any time. This makes it possible to use these devices as CD DVD loaders for programs that need to be installed on all computers, forgoing the need to use a portable CD drive and to use the media over and over again.
A DVD server also allows businesses that rely heavily on information that is contained on optical drives to share it between their different employees easily. This allows access to the information to be controlled to a much greater extent than if the optical media is given to each individual employee. It also has the advantage of allowing the IT apartment to monitor what optical media any of the thin clients have access to. This is one of the reasons that CD servers are very popular in professions where security is of paramount concern.
There are different technologies that are used for CD servers. For example, some of them center on providing access to multiple clients at the same time. There are also storage devices that serve as CD servers that allow the contents of many different CDs to be accessed without the CDs necessarily being in the drives. This allows the CDs to be kept safe and not subjected to the danger of being damage while they're being used.
A PC thin environment that includes a CD server to give the clients easy access to information benefits from the fact that the thin clients can be kept truly thin. Not only is there no need to have separate optical drives on each of the thin clients, the optical drive that they do use can use the same hardware to service the needs of several different computers at the same time. This makes these DVD servers very cost effective


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