Notebook computer manufacturers distribute the heat generated at run time

Keyboard (Keyboard)Dell laptop keyboard hp laptop keyboard

* The operation is not recommended notebook computer equipped with a watch or a bracelet type, to avoid the operation of the keyboard and the case caused by wear and tear.
* Accumulation of dust, use a small brush to clean the cracks, or use the camera lens is generally used for high-pressure jet cleaning tank, blowing the dust, or use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean dust and debris on the keyboard.
* Clean the surface can be coated with a soft cloth with a mild detergent, in the case of gently wipe off the keyboard surface.

Hard drive (HardDisk)

* In the steady state as far as possible, to avoid shaking the easy place to operate a computer.
* Off the process is most vulnerable when the hard disk, hard disk bearing speed is not yet stable at this time, if vibration, can easily cause bad sectors. It is recommended to wait about ten seconds after the switch and then move the computer around.
* Average Disk Defragmenter once a month and scanning, to improve disk access efficiency.

* Try to keep the process in the drive read the disk in a stable position, in order to avoid high-speed rotation of the disc caused by accidental damage to the drive.
* Please put your hands and use the CD-ROM drive in one hand and lift up the CD tray CD drive is indeed the other hand fixed to avoid the CD tray deformation.
* Remove the disc before shutting down to prevent accidental damage during the move head.
* Using a dedicated optical drive cleaning disc, regular cleaning the laser head.

Touchpad (Touchpad)

* When using the touch be sure to keep hands clean and dry, so the cursor position is not accurate.
* Accidentally soiled surface, can be wet, dry cloth gently wipe the touch pad surface can be corner, do not use thick cloth surface.
* Touchpad is the induction of sophisticated electronic components, do not use sharp objects (eg pen) writing on the touchpad surface, but also do not use pressure to avoid damage.
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Cooling System (Thermal Dissipation)

* In general, notebook computer manufacturers will be through the fan, heat ducts, large heat sink, cooling holes and other ways to distribute the heat generated at run time.
* To save power and avoid the noise, in general, is not the laptop fan has been running, but when the CPU reaches a certain temperature, the fan will be activated.
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* Do not place the notebook on the environment is not flat, or soft goods, such as: bed, sofa, blanket, so that may block ventilation openings affect the cooling effect and thus lower operating performance, or even crash , or other unforeseen circumstances.


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