The choice of price? Low-end user is to choose low-end cheap second hand laptop or notebook?

Question one: What kind of models, configure it for themselves, the groups have different doubts by occupation, such as game players, designers, there are doubts about the choice of occupation.laptop keyboard lcd screen

Answer: First, make sure to buy your notebook needs to be aware of any use to buy their own laptop, for instance, is home to replace a desktop, but at home use, the mobile needs of small user, you can select some 15-inch the above models, home entertainment machine; If you need to travel frequently used to go out, you should choose a relatively lightweight 12,13 inch laptop; if students usually live in a dormitory just need to bring back home the weekend only then laptop, you can choose cost-effective 14-inch high model; first determine what size they need a notebook, and then according to their performance requirements to select the notebook's configuration, if the focus is often on business should choose a battery life of low-power integrated graphics, etc. models; and if used in the home entertainment you need the big screen, good sound model; but only if the general Internet, speculation in stocks and some simple applications only need a basic configuration of the most common laptop had enough; And if some professional graphic designer, elite enthusiasts should need a powerful models, such as Dell XPS1730 this type of top performance notebook ... ...

Second problem: the choice of price? Low-end user is to choose low-end cheap second hand laptop or notebook?

Answer: buy notebook laptop must first understand their own performance requirements on how far to go on the market now 4K following is the basic configuration of laptop notebook, just a simple application for the user; 5K is about the basic price of the notebook dual-core notebook , some also equipped with discrete graphics performance with certain requirements for low-end users; 6K - 7K-priced notebooks are basically equipped with a dual-core + discrete graphics models, suitable for general users like to play games; and 7K - 9K-priced notebook is basically the performance is quite good, high-performance requirements for high-end users; the yuan is suitable for some laptop users with special requirements, such as to be life long and very thin and light notebooks , or the elite enthusiasts seeking top performance, graphic designers and
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other users of ... ... As for the hand or low-cost laptops to buy 2 of doubt, the author believes that a new laptop now the lowest prices have to go to 2699 yuan in such a low price, rather than buy a 2nd hand notebook does not guarantee not as cheap to buy a new laptop, of course, if some of the fineness and the supply is relatively well assured of 2 hand laptop (such as: relatives or friends for personal use Condition good assignment notebook), is also a good choice


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