Observe the LCD screen and choice of the skills

Since the inception of notebook computers, mobile portable, with its excellent performance and efficient business solution to attract more and more users are becoming increasingly used in wide range, but it allows the high prices discouraged many people. So, for those of us "wealth" sparse shallow people who learn second-hand market, give us a choice, although the performance is not closely follow the trend, but at least there is now a "portability" opportunities. So, how consumers in all the competition "(second hand) goods" in the Gold Rush it?

First, observe the LCD screen and choice of the skills

It should be said, the laptop display is the most delicate machine parts is also the most expensive parts, the whole machine cost about 40%, so when buying second-hand laptop LCD screen is the primary consideration. First, choose whether the screen should pay attention to signs of damage, because there are signs of prolonged use of the machine, the refraction of light can seriously damage
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people's eyesight, believe it or move back? Quot; health killer "should not be too a. Second, the careful observation of the display size and performance, the screen size and price performance and to link into account. In fact, mainstream notebook computer monitor is now more than 13.3 inches above the TFT color LCD display, and then high-grade some even with a 14.1-inch or 15-inch, and the early, mostly pseudo-color display. Typically, a 13.3-inch LCD monitor with our previously used 14-inch display size of the common feeling about the same in the visual, while 13.3-inch or 12.1 inches in a short time can also be used, but the use of a long time the eyes might have some impact. The configuration of second-hand goods is always 1-2 years behind the mainstream compaq nc6400 Adapter dell LA65NS0-00 Adapter Gateway 6020GZ Adapter configurations, so be careful when buying differential display the size and performance. Third, the detailed identification of the color display. In fact, the size easy to handle, turn the machine will be clear; but the time necessary to carefully observe the color. observed in addition to observing the color screen is a 16-color, 256-color or 16-bit 24-bit true color and true color outside, but also pay attention to identification of the LCD in the end it is not true color display. The easiest way to differentiate is not facing the screen, and when observed, but in its upper and lower left diagonally observation, if accurate regardless of which side can see the color screen to determine is the true color. Otherwise, if we can only observe in order to identify its color front, then it is pseudo-color. Fourth, note that monitor delay performance. Many people
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know that, in the selection of LCD monitors, the main fact is that the length of its delay, if the delay is too long, the eyes will feel tired, the selection of notebook LCD display is the same


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