HDMI Fiber Optic Extender: Long Distance HDMI Signal Transmission

The distance between the source computer and a HDMI display device can be extended up to 330 feet using a hdmi fiber optic extender. Consisting of a transmitter and receiver unit, this device supports simple plug and play functionality. Installation is simple with the transmitter being connected to the source and the receiver to the display. Connections between the units are secured using a 4 strand multi mode LC fiber optic cable. Once the power is turned on, the extender is ready to operate. The Power consumption is .55 Watts for both the transmitter and the receiver unit.
The digital images are crisp and clear at a resolution of 1080p (1920×1200) @ 60Hz without any signal loss. These Fiber extender units are HDCP compliant and are compatible with HDMI standard 1.3. The HDMI over fiber optic cable extender has a compact design. It has CE, FCC & RoHS agency approvals. This device works on a unique optical conversion technology that ensures noise free extension of signals. The video bandwidth is 1.65 Gbps (single link). The key feature of this device is the ability to switch to auto power save mode when the source device is powered off. Working on an operating temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees centigrade and a storage temperature range of -20 to 70 degrees centigrade, they are ideal for applications that require the extension of HDMI HD signals over long distances.
These HDMI fiber Optic extension units can be used with Plasma TV's, Digital Projectors, LCD Monitors and HDTVs. They relay the DDC and CEC signals via copper line and have the capacity to carry uncompressed digital video and audio signals at high speeds. Since the signals are relayed over a single cable, there is a reduction of cost otherwise involved in running multiple cables. HDMI Over Fibre optic extender is an ideal product for Home Theater set ups, conference and training facilities, digital signage applications, indoor and outdoor display systems, educational institutions, military and government organizations, remote monitoring applications. It does not allows the loss of video quality which can take place in cat5 cables if transmitted to longer distances. So, hdmi fiber optic extension usually comes into play when the quality of the signal received at the target end.


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