Quad Screen Splitter: Allows Four Video Feeds to be Displayed on a Single Screen

A combination of a video splitter and a KVM switch, the Quad screen splitter uses a single set of peripheral devices to control signals from four different computers on a single screen. For greater configurations, one can cascade these devices together. The signals relayed by the splitter can be either analog or digital. Since only one display device is used, it results in saving space and money while reducing clutter. Compatible with laptops, Macs, SUN computers with a USB port, PCs, DVDs and more, these devices offer multi platform support and work well with almost all types of computers and operating systems, VGA analog and DVI digital video, USB and PS/2 keyboards and mice.
This Quad screen device works in various display modes; quad mode, PIP mode, full screen mode and dual mode. In the quad mode, the screen is divided into four equal parts with each part displaying the output from each display. On the other hand, the PIP mode displays signals from one source on the full screen while the other three are displayed as thumb nails on the right hand side of the screen with the size, position and thumbnail selection being customizable. The full screen mode displays signal from one source on the entire screen and switching to the other sources can be done with keyboard and mouse controls as well as push buttons on the front of the unit. Lastly, the dual mode of the Quad Splitter allows side by side full screen image display from two video sources. Latest models of this device are available with the touch screen feature used to control and switch between four computers.
Older models use front panel push buttons and hot key commands for control and switching. Status of the selected source is indicated by the LEDs in the front. Compliant with USB 1.0 and 1.1 standards, this Quad Screen Splitter supports video resolutions up to 1600x1200. Offering multi platform support, they work with USB or PS2 computers, digital DVI devices like DVD players, satellite receivers and HDTV tuners. Ideal environments for the Quad Screen splitter include surveillance and monitoring facilities, workstations in supervisory systems, data and control centers, server farms as well as government and military arenas.


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