How to Repair a Cracked HP 384021-001 Power Adapter Case

It may not often but possible that sometimes our laptop adapter may fall off to the floor with careless usage. Then the ac adapter may totally broken or just the case cracked. In fact, a cracked AC adapter case should be fixed immediately or discarded and replaced with a new one. Having a damaged power supply is a hazard that can cause personal injury since the current is not properly shielded by the case. If you have the materials necessary to fix your cracked AC adapter case it can be repaired quite easily and just follow what I did for my cracked HP 384021-001 Power Adapter.
Make sure you could prepare these tools: such as Super glue, Vise clamp etc.
First of all, turn off the laptop and put the adapter far away from laptop or chargers. Let it cool down totally.
Then carefully apply super glue along the edge of the plastic where the HP 384021-001 Power Adapter case has cracked. Make sure to not spill too much inside of the adapter case. Use your vise clamp to clamp the case tightly back into shape. Do not put too much pressure on the plastic AC adapter case, but just enough to hold it firmly together and create a tight bond between the plastic and the super glue.
Remember to allow the glue to dry several hours, or whatever is recommended on the packaging of your super glue. Remove the adapter from the clamp and make sure that the bond is secure and that the case will not crack open again. Test out the AC adapter and make sure that everything is functioning properly.
If the ac adapter was broken terribly and could not repair it, then we should buy a new replacement on as soon as possible. Here is the detailed information of the HP 384021-001 Power Adapter. I bought from
Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use)
Output: DC 19V 4.74A
Power: 90W
Connecter size:
Internal Diameter: 5.0mm
External Diameter: 7.4mm
With smart-pin inside
* Standard output Laptop AC Power Adapter/Charger with Power Cord.
* Enables you to operate your notebook or charge the battery from electrical power outlets.
* Full protection for the notebook computers.
* If you are running your computer on AC power with a battery installed, this adapter charges the battery (if needed) and maintains its charge.
* When the system is off, the AC adapter will charge the battery and then maintain its charge.
* The best replacement for the original product. Full 1 year warranty!
* Different wires for option to meet your local standard.
* All of our products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Installation instructions
1, Insert the output of the HP power cord plug into adapter input
2, Input power line access to public electricity
3, Insert adapter output interface into the notebook computer's power supply interface
4, Open the notebook computer to use
Before using the HP Power Adapter, please check the adapter's voltage and current compliance with the requirements of notebook computers.(Adapter output current >= notebook rated current. Adapter output voltage and notebook voltage deviation <= +/- 5%).
Detection of the output interface adapters, and notebook computer power interface can be used perfectly matched.
Adapter to be kept in cooling well-ventilated place when work


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