Sony AIT-5 Tape is a Space-efficient Backup Storage Solution

Backup storage challenges in today's competitive business environment have been further amplified due to heightened security concerns, limited data-center
space, tight budgets and increased government regulations.
AIT (advanced intelligent tape) is the optimal backup storage medium for your rigorous data storage requirements. This cutting-edge tape format was developed
by the global leader of backup media industry, Sony. Five generations of AIT have been introduced that have been received very well by the customers of
medium and small businesses.
Sony AIT-5 tape is well-suited for enterprise business applications, branch offices, financial organizations, network servers and mid-sized companies.
Sony AIT5 solution delivers a highly cost-efficient combination of higher transfer speed and greater media capacity in a small form factor. AIT-5 tape
cartridge can house 400 GB native data. Internal and external models of Sony AIT 5 drives help to provide convenience and more choice to the users. So you
can easily install the Sony AIT-5 solution into a variety of business enterprises, and enhance your organization's productivity and efficiency. AITi1040S is
the part number of internal, whereas AITe1040SBK represents external AIT 5 drive.
Native transfer rate offered by these Sony AIT 5 drives is 24Mbps.
Capacity of AIT-5 backup tape increases to 1040 GB in compressed mode. You can cost-effectively integrate Sony AIT-5 solution into the existing AIT
environments, because the Sony AIT 5 drives are write/read backward compatible with AIT 4, AIT 3 and AIT-3Ex backup tapes. This facilitates the
organizations to rely on a single tape media technology that provides scalability to handle the increasing backup requirements.
Organizations have to ensure superior data integrity and long term storage to satisfy the strict mandates of government regulations. Sony AIT-5 technology
can help you with its cutting-edge WORM functionality, which does not allow alterations and over-writings. So your data is protected against malicious access
and also the common operating errors. SDX5-400C is the Sony AIT5 non-WORM cartridge's part number, and SDX5-400W AIT-5 cartridge features the WORM
Major competitors of AIT-5 are SLR-MLR tape, LTO-1 tape, RDX cartridge format, VXA tape, LTO-2 tape, Travan TR-7 tape and LTO-3 tape.
In order to ensure optimal performance and rock solid reliability, you should periodically use cleaning cartridge. It helps to eliminate the read/write
errors caused due to debris and dust accumulation. Sony has developed a special cleaning cartridge for AIT-5 drives. Part number of Sony AIT-5 cleaning
cartridge is SDX5-CL.
Dust-protective bezel is an innovative technology that enables the Sony AIT 5 drive to reduce the dust and debris accumulation. So the I.T managers can be
assured of cost-effective backup performance and higher storage value even under harsh working conditions. Cost per GB of Sony AIT5 solution is economical as
compared to the rival tape-based solutions. In addition, the price of Sony AIT5 tape cartridges and drives is also very competitive. Sony AIT 5 drives are a
smart choice for leading branded-servers including Fujitsu-Siemens, Dell, IBM and HP.
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