Reformatting Hard Drive, The Last Solution To Remove Virus

Is the hard drive on your computer flooded with viruses and you have tried all possible ways to remove them, but failed? If the answer is yes, then reformatting the hard drive is the only way out. Reformatting the hard drive will erase all previous data and make your HDD like a new. Thinking how to reformat the hard disk? This is a very simple process and you can complete it quite easily. You can also get help from a computer services company in this regard.

Before talking about hard drive formatting, let's take a look at what reformatting exactly is. Technically speaking, formatting a hard drive is establishing the file system on it to read and write data. The hard disk is first formatted by the manufacturer when computer operating system gets installed for the first time. If you format the hard disk and reinstall the OS again, this is called reformatting.

Reformatting the hard disk not only removes viruses and other malware from your PC but it also repairs all the bad sectors that are created over a period of time. It creates a new address table and it facilitates the access to stored data.

Now we will discuss about the process of reformatting hard drive on Windows PC. Do you want to reformat the entire disk? Then you should have a recovery disk or installation disk of Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 based on which operating system you would like to use. Don't forget to backup your data to an external data storage device before proceeding. After doing this, insert the installation disk in your optical drive. And boot your PC from the installation DVD.

Once the system will boot you need to choose the install operating system option. It will ask you to choose the drive volume on which the OS will get installed. The system will show you the list of volumes on the hard drive. You will also find an option that you can use to format any hard drive volume. Select the particular volume that you want to format and choose a file system for it (for instance, NTFS). After formatting the volume run a fresh reinstallation of operating system.

If you would like to reformat any volume, other than the one where the OS is installed then go to 'My Computer'. Right click on that particular volume and select the file system and click the 'format' command. This will wipe out all viruses including other data and the storage space of this volume will be completely free.

So, if your computer is badly infected by viruses, reformat the hard drive and install the operating system afresh.


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