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Before starting with your personal computer make sure that you have a good knowledge base of computer hardware. If you have educated yourself on this you will know what to look for in a lesser known brand of components.

The most simple types of desktop hardware are you monitor/screen, keyboard and mouse. The most things in a computer is the hardware which makes the computer work how it is suppose to. You will also need various software for your computer. Below are some basic computer hardware components and their specifications:

Central Processing Unit (CPU): This part has a direct relation to the motherboard, which is know as the computer's body and brain. The memory of the RAM is important to run in order for the CPU to perform it basic functions with the heat sink and the fan.

A computer needs a supply of electricity so it works all the time. Components of this include the power cord and internal parts.

The video controller is attached to the motherboard and relates to the graphic card operations.

A removable media device is your computers storage. The Floppy disk which is considered as an outdated storage device is the most common removable media devices - which are suitable for data and music - in a personal computer. Next to the Floppy disk is the Zip drive which has a higher capacity. For CDs to read data you need a CD-ROM Drive, to read or write data the CD Writer. A higher memory type of CD is the DVD. For express reading and writing the DVD-ROM Drive; the DVD Writer; the DVD-RAM Drive. For high-density data storage and high-definition videos the Blu-ray Disc. The BD-ROM Drive and the BD Writer and the flash device used for memory data storage and has big capacity is the USB flash drive.


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