Smart freeware makes your Vista PC faster

Windows Vista is not classified often as a fast operating system. A large part of the problem lies, just like in XP, in all the unnecessary services running in the background. Several of these can be turned off to save the performance. Doing it yourself can be difficult, and therefore is free with Vista Services Optimizer is a good alternative.

Vista Services Optimizer is a free tool that will help to tune your settings for the so-called services. You can fiddle the settings by going to Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> Administrative Tools . Here's a tool called Services . It is recommended only if you are sure what you're doing. For others, the Vista Service Optimizer in handy.


The program has two modes, you can either do all the configuration manually or automatically. For beginners, I recommend the automatic, and then start it by clicking the Automatic tuneup . Now you'll see a page with various options, which you can check how you use your computer. You may choose if you have your PC connected to a network and whether you share files on it.

In addition, you will select the questions that correspond with your system - for example, if you do not use Windows' own security tools because you have a security suite installed (for example, an internet security suite from Symantec, McAfee, F-Secure, Panda, Kaspersky, or anyone else) . When you are finished with these selections, click Apply Changes .


This job takes a few minutes. After doing that, you need to restart your computer for these settings to go through, and the services are not needed will not restart.

It can be fun to write up the information about memory usage as shown on the Vista Service Optimizer first page, and then compare the numbers after you restart the computer. Just be sure to turn off all regular program before you compare.


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