Open Frame Touchscreen LCD Monitors

Do you have a server rack where you would like to install a LCD monitor? Or do you have a narrow wall rack on which you want to mount a monitor to work as part of the surveillance system? In either case, a conventional LCD monitor may not fit in the space properly. What you need is an open frame touchscreen LCD monitor.

An open frame touchscreen LCD monitor comes with a plethora of advantages that more than justifies its popularity among customers. Here are some of those:

1. Robust construction: Being without a protective case can make them susceptible to damages from physical impacts. That's the reason the bodies of these monitors are highly sturdy, and shock resistant. These can resist a fair bit of exposure to aerosol sprays.

2. Sturdy screen: Not every person applies the same pressure on the touch screen when trying to input some command. The screens need to be highly sturdy to withstand all that pressure.

3. Clutter-free space: The open frame touchscreen LCD monitor does not need any additional controller equipment. All commands can be issued simply by pressing the screen, instead of having to press leys on a keyboard. That is why it works well in locations where there is a lack of available space.

4. Lightweight construction: In spite of being quite sturdy, they are quite lightweight. As such, these are easy to mount on racks and wall brackets, where a heavy monitor could cause accidents.

5. Easy to use: Touchscreen monitors have controls displayed on the screen, and are thus easy to operate, even for people with little or no technical knowledge. The controls displayed on screen are bright enough for people with limited visibility to read properly. Thus these monitors are ideal for unmanned facilities, like ATMs and feedback stations.

6. Economical: if you invest in it, then you would not have to purchase additional hardware peripherals, such as keyboard or mouse. Thus you actually save money in the long run.


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