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The main characteristics of this monitor LCD 17 it's its reliability, by working as a stable office tool, and its new materials and manufacturing process that made it to be cost efficient and eco-friendly. The consummation rate of the monitor is at the lowest 1 watt on stand by, thus you can save up some money to your power bill.

The monitor has an open frame design so that it can save space, but not compromise in quality components. This monitor LCD 17 can be equip with a touch screen interface, so that it can be used as a display panel in restaurants, hospitals or any other institution. Because of the short response time of just 5 milliseconds and a good contrast ratio of 500:1, this monitor can display images and play videos in a very sharp appearance, thus providing the user with a magnificent visual experience. The monitor uses DVI-D, VGA, A port and USB connectors, Planar Open-Frame LA1710R is also compatible with PC and MAC hardware thus being very appropriate to use in business companies.

This device is also suitable for home use, and because of its slick design that can be mounted into the wall or inserted into furniture, it creates a very futuristic and modern aspect of the home office. For personal entertainment, the monitor's fast response rate creates sharp imagines in watching movies in HD. The contrast ratio and brightness that is adjustable by user can allow a better viewing angle in case of photo browsing or display presentations.

The price is affordable for such a device, plus at shops online discounts are available on any selling page. However, not all of them offer free shipping.

As an excellent display device, this monitor from planar can be used mostly for business, but schools or institution displays of information are not excluded.

The monitor comes with a 3 years warranty for replaceable parts and labor. In case of permanent damage to the monitor, the warranty can bring you a new device. If not kept in good environmental conditions, and in case of damage that has been caused by the user, the repairing bill is paid by the owner.


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