Planar LC1713RTI Open hardware monitor Frame Touchscreen Review

Planar LC1713RTI uses touch screen technology, on a special elegant design. The open frame feature gives this monitor LCD 17 a futurist aspect, but also an easy to use device.

The monitor from Planar was relished in 2008, and since then, prices haven't got much lower than $1000. If you want to go lower than this, shopping through the internet might get you a major chance for a discount. Don't think about purchasing from a real store; here you can pay easily over $1000.

At its 12 inch display, this monitor LCD 17 has a resolution of 1280x1024, with a pixel response time of 12 milliseconds, which is very acceptable, unlike other touch screen monitors with a response rate of over 25 milliseconds. Basically, this means that this monitor will play videos with a much sharper image than other devices on the market. However, you can use it for home entertainment and for editing your own pictures.

The contrast ratio is at 500:1 with a brightness of 1100 nits, so you can display pictures to a maximum brightness in detail. This works perfectly for those that are using their monitor to edit photos or to create a monitor presentation. The vertical viewing angle is at 140 with a horizontal viewing angle of 140 too. This can be a bit of a problem for larger offices, where everybody needs to see clearly the presentations stated.

The monitor comes with a one year warranty, which can be to less time, for the enormous price you will pay for this device. The producer states that the monitor has a very long life time, it is highly resistant to all the environmental factors, and can easily be used for home, business or in any type of institution.

The warranty for this product is only a year long, with coverage for replaced parts and labor. If the monitor suffers irreparable malfunctions, the warranty can bring you a new monitor. If the damage was caused by you, the warranty is no longer available.

For its resistance and confidence of the producer in the device, the period is a bit too short to create trust for the buyer.


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